I am David Carter
I am the 300 Pound Vegan

A few years ago, life, as I knew it, changed forever. While playing in the NFL, I noticed the sport was taking its toll on me. One night, I sat down to watch the documentary “Forks Over Knives.” During the hour and a half film, I decided to switch to a lifestyle that is compassionate both to myself and all other sentient beings. This is how I became the 300 Pound Vegan.

Former NFL Player, the 300 Pound Vegan, Animal Rights Activist, Film Producer, and Entrepreneur.

David Carter, UCLA grad, in 2011 was drafted into the NFL and began playing for the Arizona Cardinals. Third season, after being released from the Dallas Cowboys, the sport began taking a toll on his body. Searching for answers on how to heal his injuries, David decided to watch the Forks Over Knives documentary. Overnight, he switched to a lifestyle that was compassionate to both him and all other sentient beings.

David’s body guided him to a vegan diet, and on that journey veganism revealed something much greater…

It’s not just about our bodies. It’s not just about our health. It’s about humanity. This is the beginning of the 300 Pound Vegan, which eventually led to the launch of Good Food Initiative, and Truth Health Culture Music Festival.

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