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against the 300 Pound Vegan

David Carter, the 300 Pound Vegan has failed to pay his bills for over 4 months.

Empowering plant
based lifestyle

Welcome, I am David Carter, a Former NFL Player, now known as the 300 Pound Vegan. Grateful for all the benefits I have discovered on a plant-based diet, I want to empower more people to learn about how it can help them, and show how easy it is to do. Let us make a difference together.

The 300 Pound Vegan

Is more than a statement or idea; it is a platform which guides people to eat a plant-based diet. Not only does it positively impact the world, but also allows you to reach the top of your game.

“It’s not just about our bodies. It’s not just about our health. It’s about humanity.” – David Carter

I am actively speaking, educating and bringing awareness to individuals and institutions; and my focus is on underserved communities.

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